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A Touch Of Class


A Touch of Class: Tales of the Were (Big Wolf Book 1)

Touch of Class

Touch of Class Loving Horses Table Sculpture Tan - Light Brown - 14 Inches High 3 lbs - Made of Resin - Display Decor for Horse Lovers - Animal Head Bust Statues

  • 🐴 AFFECTIONATE EXPERIENCE 🐴 - Love is the most distinctive experience we are able to have as people. As this love is in us, so too, it's present in the animals we adore. Even so, the product is made for all you horse lovers in this world. In this depiction, the gentle affections of two horses makes for a beautiful showcase. Walk through your house everyday & feel the kindness these horses will extend. Let them be a symbol of your affectionate love for yourself and those closest to you.
  • 🐴 AUTHENTIC EXCLUSIVE 🐴 - Truly, you will not find this product anywhere else in the whole wide world. The loving horses table sculpture in tan is one of our signature selections. Adorn your house in a way that is utterly unique and unquestionably like no other.
  • 🐴 AESTHETICALLY APPEALING CRAFTSMANSHIP 🐴 - Although the color is distintive to the product, the design of two horses nuzzled together, forming into an intriguing heart shape creates the real sense of beauty for your home atmosphere. Appealing to our hearts & aesthetically pleasing to our tastes, this sculpture was crafted for you.
  • 🐴 ALLURING GIFT CHOICE 🐴 - Given the magnitude of affections this table sculpture provides, it makes for a suitable gift for those whom you love. Whether it's a significant other, or a close friend dear to you, the Loving Horses Table sculpture makes for a magnificent present.
  • 🐴 ALL MEASUREMENTS & PRODUCT CARE 🐴 - This lovely tan finished table sculpture with a light brown wash measures 11.5 W x 4" D x14 H & Weighs 3 lbs. To ensure it's originality, it's made of resin, sculpted equally vivid on both sides. And to maintain the integrity of this experience, dust with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use chemicals, polishes, or abrasives. Otherwise, experience the beauty of the horses, wildly in love with one another.
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